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Monday, August 2, 2010


A colossel mass of questions jumbled up in my head.  They make sense, and then they don't but they do and don't and do and....do...don't......!!!!  My current confusion: my faith.  Yes, the most debated topic of this crazy thing we call life.  My head is revolving around knowing where God is.  That being, if He is even there.  So many questions just roll of my tongue and jump off to their death.  I want to ask them, but me being the way I am, I guess you could say prideful and not wanting to be embarrased, I let them commit their own salivated suicide.  However, it's a lingering suicide.  They leave their presence to forever eat at me, "YOU DID NOT ASK, YOU DID NOT ASK!!!!"
I am so over the edge right now, that my questions are commiting suicide and their ghosts' are yelling at me! 

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