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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Find me.

Because I never was who you thought me to be.
I put on a mask and thought I would dance a little.
For you, I knew what made you happy back then.
I knew I was "loved" then.
I put on the world's best show, just for you.
Even a second of your attention would mean one less tear that night in bed.
And you accepted me,
A long as I fit the character mold of the day.
But I was fading away, drowing inside.
You missed knowing the person you were burying under the sand.
She meant a great deal to me.
A brain, a musician, a conscience, a human being.
Back then I didn't know I was missing that same person as well.
You chose who I was and what I would be.
I want to know,
who am I.
But I have a feeling you didn't know back then either,
Because, deep down inside,
I never was who you thought me to be.

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  1. Hey there missy
    So very glad to see you here!!!
    Yeah I love reading your poems and truly belive you can be a published poet


    WOW that just came to me!!
    Happy to have you here!!!
    I have been watching lifetime movie all afternoon.